venerdì 11 marzo 2011

Visit to the Tea and Coffee Mills

We only had to mention our wish to visit a tea or coffee mill in the surroundings of Nyeri, that our hosts at Posta Kenya, Mr Gathura (Regional Manager) and Mr. Mulundi (Nyeri Postmaster) organized for us a fantastic tour.

John on the Posta Kenya car
 Riding the Posta Kenya car, guided by Frida - Sales&Marketing Posta Kenya Nyeri - we first visited Gathuthi Tea Factory , where tea leaves are collected from about 8000 farmers. The Factory processes 15000 to 23000 kg tea leaves daily, depending on the production.

Trucks used for tea leaves collection
We were conducted along the whole production process, during which about 25% of the initial weight in tea leaves is transformed into black tea.

Washing hands before entering the factory

Surprisingly, from the very same tea leaves, through the production process, come up different tea qualities and a special room is dedicated to quality testing.
Tea cups ready for testing
I had the privilege to test the different tea qualities. We couldn't leave the factory without buying some tea bags.....

We then proceed to visit a coffee mill, the Barichu Cooperative where Kenya AA Karatina cofee is producedi. Karatina is considered one of the finest coffees produced in the world today. The AA designates the highest grade of Kenya available.

Studies are conducted in the factory to test different species of cofee plants, including those coming from genetically modified seeds.

Like in the tea factory, coffee beans are collected by surrounding farms and processed. Accurate selection is made to ensure superior quality.

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