venerdì 4 marzo 2011

Community Day: Kimathi University

The second Community Day in Nyeri was spent at Kimathi University with different activities.

Dave delivering his speech

In a plenary session Dave delivered an intriguing speech on "IBM past & present", we then splitted in parallel sessions:
Dave on "IBM predicting the future", Luan and Reka on a Career Workshop, myself on an 'hands-on' session on how to realize an interactive smartboard using a wii remote and an infra-red pen, following the original project by Johnny Lee.

Experimenting the interactive smartboard

Dennis, Kate and Tom are the students which helped me to organize the activity, and I have to thank them.
The student were so much interested that the room could barely contain all of them. We also realized an infra-red pen with spare material I had.

Building an infra-red pen

At the end of the day the teachers also showed and declared their interest in the project. I am trying to get two more wii motes for them before we leave.
Leaving the University we collected some names and e-mails from students that want to participate in a e-mentor program with us.

With students at Kimathi Uni with Mt Kenya on background

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  1. Hallo Mr. Francesco,
    Dennis here, from Kimathi university. We worked with you to facilitate the IBM community day last year. I know it's been a long time but I'd like you to know that we never stopped thinking about the challenges you presented to us.
    I'm happy to inform ou that we have had another community day with IBM this year and the studenta had a very good experience.
    I have personally been trying to find the best way to introduce interactive white boards into our schools. there has however been the challenge of content that would be used with the system once implemented in the schools. I this regard I have been working hard to ensure that we have an all round system suitable to Kenya and the level of technology currently available to schools in the country.
    I have teamed up with a local company and we have started designing an e-learning system that could be used in all levels of schooling in the country. I would like to resume contact with you so that we can work together on this project.