giovedì 3 marzo 2011

Community Day at Nyeri - Friends of Allamano Special School

On March 3rd and 4th we had some of the most touching and paying experiences within the local communities in Nyeri surroundings.

Friends of Allamano  is a special school for mentally challenged ruled by Missionarie della Consolata, a nuns congregation established by Giuseppe Allamano, an Italian priest, back in 1901.

The institution hosts about 80 mentally challenged persons and it's mainly supported by private donations.

We were heartily received by the children with big smiles and had good time in playing with them on the field.
Sister Jane hosted us and presented the teachers who daily work with the children.

We had the possibility to give a small contribution to this community by donating a laptop, a camera and a key for internet connectivity, hopefully allowing them to stay in contact with the world. The institution is infact about 10km from Nyeri and for every contact they have to drive to town.

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